Saturday, February 2, 2013

5 Top Tips to all new runners

1) No matter what your running time is, there is no such thing as a bad just participating in a race, you're already a WINNER beating many NATOs (No Action Talk Only) who didn't even get off the couch!

2) Never give up...cross every Finish Line with your head held up high even if you finished last!! You'll come back on another day to finish off what you've started like a BOSS !!

3) No matter how bad the run, ALWAYS take something away from every race by learning something NEW from your experience.

4) There's no time and performance has been determined BEFORE the race has depends on how HARD you've trained or not !!!

5) ALWAYS Run doesn't matter if its an international full marathon or 3km run in the park...enjoy them free Happy Drugs \0/

finally -------------------------- 
10km dlm langkah larian. no matter what my running time. at least berjaya akhirnya. 1 jam 50 minit dengan langkah paling slow motion n for bigginer mcm saya, ianya sudah berbaloi2. always run happy. yes!! target running goal 500km mudah2an berjaya. pencapaian terbaik utk diri sendiri. congratulation Syabilah. 

note :
If you're running outdoors 5km or more, you should be getting yourself shoes from Brooks, Saucony, Newton or Asics or other proven brands with top footwear technology. Forget about Adidas & Nike, these shoes sacrifice performance qualities for mass commercialization...they look good outside but there's not much going on under the hood.

Bukankah Hidup kita Akhirnya Harus Bahagia . .

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